We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your continued support since our foundation.
In 1932, we started our business to produce edged tools in Sanjo, the city which has developed with the metal processing industry.
At present, we cooperate with local companies in the same field to manufacture and sell various kinds of industrial machine blades and parts including agricultural machine blades, fusing basic metal processing techniques into modern technology.
We will endeavor to be a company that provides our customers with satisfying products.
We truly appreciate your confidence and support.

Representative Director: Toru Minagawa
quality policy
“We will strive to win customers’ trust
and secure a stable profit by distributing satisfying products.”
“We will strive to conduct stable management,
bring out the potential of our employees and adhere to corporate compliance.”
“We will strive to give top priority to preservation of the environment
in every aspect of our corporate activity.”
MINAGAWA AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS MFG.CO.,LTD will comply with the above-mentioned statements
as its quality policy.


Founded in 1932
Established in October,1953
Representative Director Toru Minagawa
Capital 36,000,000JPY
Location 204 Shimo-oura,Sanjo,Niigata,Japan
Accounting Period March
Affiliated with Kyoyu-kai
Business ●Production/sales of agricultural machinery blades and parts:
brush cutter blades, pruning/lawn-mowing blades,
combine/binder blades, chaff/straw cutters,
hedge trimmer blades, reciprocating mower blades,
cultivating/root cutting blades,
harvesting machine blades, agricultural machinery parts,
harvesting machine parts, agricultural conveyor parts, etc.

●Production/sales of industrial machine blades and parts:
tub grinder blades, woodworking machinery blades,
shredder blades, photograph cutter blades,
constructional machine blades, car parts,
constructional machine parts, etc.

●Pressing thick plates, machining,
hot treatment on thin plates, induction hardening


May,1932 Kyoji Minagawa started production and sales of edged tools as a cottage industry in Tajima, Sanjo.
October,1953 Established MINAGAWA AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS MFG.CO.,LTD Kyoji Minagawa assumed the presidency.
Capital: 800,000JPY
August,1969 Started production and sales of combine/
binder blades and brush cutter blades.
April,1973 The factory in Shimo-oura started operation.
June,1973 Jointly developed agricultural machine blades with IHI Corporation, formerly known as Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
October,1974 Increased capital to 8,000,000JPY.
March,1978 Increased capital to 24,000,000JPY.
July,1979 Increased capital to 36,000,000JPY.
December,1979 Acquired JIS registration with regard to brush cutter blades.
Registration No. JIS379143
December,1988 Integrated Tajima factory into Shimo-oura.
May,1992 Kyoji Minagawa stepped down as president and assumed chairperson.
Juzo Minagawa filled his shoes.
August, 2000 Acquired ISO9002;1994, Quality Management System.
August, 2002 Acquired ISO9001;2000, Quality Management System.
April, 2003 Held the 50th anniversary celebration of the company’s establishment.
October, 2007 Acquired JIS registration with regard to brush cutter blades.
Registration Category: brush cutter blades JIS B 9212
November, 2008 Acquired ISO9001;2008, Quality Management System.
March, 2017 Acquired ISO9001;2015, Quality Management System.
June,2019 Juzo Minagawa stepped down as president and assumed chairperson.
Toru Minagawa filled his shoes.



204 Shimo-oura, Sanjo, Niigata, Japan
 Phone: +81-(0)256-46-2010/Facsimile: +81-(0)256-46-4671

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204 Shimo-oura, Sanjo, Niigata, Japan
Phone: +81-(0)256-46-2010
Facsimile: +81-(0)256-46-4671